Why Clipping path services and its importance in today’s digital world?

Why Clipping path services and its importance in today’s digital world

Clipping path Services is one of the basic kinds of stuff in photo editing Service.

It is a process used to cut an object out of any Photos with the help of a photo editing software. This is also known by many photo editors as deep etch. The clipping path’ is actually the closed vector path or the shape which cuts out the object from the image. The clipping path Services is used to remove the background from the image and put more appropriate messages or attractive themes in it. Once clipping path has been applied, the image can be enhanced and optimized according to requirement.

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Clipping Path Services from Photo Solutions

Clipping paths can be relatively easy if you are familiar with your way around the photo editing software, however, for people who are beginners or with hundreds of images to edit, hiring or choosing a proper clipping path service would serve your well. These service providers have experts under their payroll to help you get the best possible editing support and resources.

Who uses it:

If the pen was mightier than the sword yesterday, today an image is much mightier than a pen in the digital world.

Considering the e-commerce boom in the past decade, most of the online retailers and marketers have resorted to using high-quality images for promoting their businesses. This is done to increase their online sales, by using images made impressive by editing, for which clipping path serves as the main tool.

Tools Used:

Image editors like Photoshop and illustrator are used for clipping path. A lot of photo editing tools to have come up recently and photo editors and internet marketers are leveraging everything that is available to them make their businesses profitable and to gain extra sales volumes or leads for a product.

The clipping path can be drawn in the Photoshop using the pen tool in the following steps.

Step 1: Open the image in Photoshop and select the pen tool from the main toolbar.

Step 2: Using the pen tool start drawing around the object in the image that you need to separate.

Step 3: Once the path has been traced, select the paths panel. Save the path you have traced from the panel tab.

Step 4: Now select clipping path’ from the same menu, select the path that you saved from the list of options shown there and then click ok.

Step 5: Once the clipping path has been applied, save the project to Photoshop by selecting the save as option from the File menu.

Once the clipping path has been applied to the image, anything inside the path will be retained in the image while anything outside the image will be excluded from the final output. Such a path is called the inclusive path and the exclusive path is the one where whatever outside the path will be retained in the final image. An exclusive path is achieved by reversing the direction of the path.

However it is not just lipping path’ that is responsible for the high-quality images online, a host of other editing processes are involved in it like image isolation and manipulation, color correction, image editing, and picture refinement, dimension clipping etc.

Benefits of using clipping path:

Imagine that you are back home after a long day’s work and are browsing one of the popular social media networks or watching the TV. As you are scrolling through a post about a mobile phone review suddenly catches your attention. But seeing that it is a lengthy article, you decide to ignore and carry forward. After scrolling for some more time you find another post about the same mobile phone review, only this time the data is condensed and presented as a highly optimized image.

Since it is an image and since all necessary data is available to you easily, you check the image and decide to like or share it, thereby increasing your interaction with not only the image but also the brand. This is how properly planned and optimized photos can help attract and drive customers for the benefit of e-commerce industries, photographers and marketing professionals.

A well-edited image tends to fulfill the following criteria: Photo Solutions India

Displaying products in a better way:

Properly edited and optimized images help to display your products in a better way. It not only conveys the right message but also helps in answering most of their queries, thus establishing a connection with your customer. A high-quality image would also help your brand to have an edge over your competitors. Having a high quality and optimized images to promote your products helps create a positive image about the quality of your product and about the brand in the minds of the customers.

Attracting customers: People don’t pay close attention to every post that they come across on social media or any kind of platform. However, a well-edited image with an eye catchy message (discounted prices or a highly relevant meme on social media) attracts the customer. Infographics combined with an image capable of resonating to the customer’s frequency helps to capture their attention.

Lead generation and conversion: Once the images start capturing the attention of the customers, using brand-centric photos and messages with a brand watermark or logo, helps them to positively identify and connect with your brand both on and off the internet. This helps in maintaining customer loyalty and this could, in turn, produce converting customers. Sometimes a convincing photograph is all it needs to push the customer into buying your product.

Possibility to charge higher for images: As far as photographers are concerned, the quality of image dictates the price they receive for it. Having better photos presents you with the opportunity to charge your customers more, thus making clipping path service even more important as even a good image needs a little bit of that expert touch to take it a notch higher.

Choosing the right service:

Now there are a lot of companies offering Photoshop clipping path services out there but choosing the right one is extremely important for your business. For instance, if some company is offering you cut-rate deal in the clipping service, then it could be very well possible that your images won’t turn out to be the quality you expect them to be. This will be a considerable loss of resources and time, which may, in turn, affect your business prospects. If choosing a service it is always better to go with industry experts so that the editing only makes the image or your project better rather than downgrading its quality.

If a clipping path service usually does the following paths,

  • Basic Clipping Path
  • Simple clipping path
  • Medium clipping path
  • Complex clipping path
  • Super Complex clipping path
  • Multi clipping path


It is said that images speak a thousand words, and in today’s world of social media and advertisements, the importance of a perfect image to represent your product and your brand cannot be emphasized enough. Clipping path service may just be one in a list of photo editing services required to maintain high standards across all your online platforms, but it surely is an important one and something to look into immediately if you haven’t already begun employing it.

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