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Product Photo Editing - If You Want to Scale Up Your Sales

In today’s world of digital media, where ‘seeing is believing’, trim, color and quality of photos are prime, to increase your sales the photos need to speak more than a thousand words. Your photos should be able to break through barriers and touch and sense and should impact that it compels the customer to make instant decisions. If you are looking for the best product photo editing services, you are at the right place. We Photo Solutions India have been providing professional product photo editing service all over the world. With industry experience of over 10 years we offer various services from digitizing photos, videos, films to restoration of fine prints. We are front runners when it comes to product photo editing and work on developing a 10/10 picture. Our dedicated team work on the look of your product which increases the chances of being sold exponentially. We highlight the best features of your product whether it’s electronics, apparel, jewelry or home decor and often compose the picture with complementary accessories or writing. We help with widening imagination and impart a new meaning to every image. We also make sure that your images are treated with paramount confidentiality and make sure they are seamlessly portable across desktops and mobile devices alike.Some of the product photo editing services we offer can more or less be categorized into the items below.

Trim – We apply clipping path and cut out the image from the original and place it on suitable backgrounds. Intensify the color and quality of your images.

Resize – Images are made to suit your preference without comprising on the quality of your picture. So thumbnail, zoom etc. pick your choice.

Color and Lighting – Images sometimes might be too tonal or have high contrasts, we work towards fixing these issues and make sure they look like they are right out of high-end lifestyle magazine.

Product Photo Editing
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Image Composition – There are elements in a photo that reduce the beauty of the product, we remove them like ironing out creases from a shirt. At the same time, we rebuild the blank area with harmonizing images.

360 degree views – The latest in product photo editing in retail especially, is a 360 degree showcase of the product and we provide frame views, white backgrounds, click-and-drag mouse controls etc. Many online retail companies have been on our client list and we have provided our product photo editing services to advertisement firms, media agencies, photographers etc. as well. We understand the importance of commercial photo editing, therefore we enhance the appeal of your photos to make sure no buyers shut the e-commerce website window before making a purchase. We are successful at what we do because we strive to enrich the look of your pictures without compromising on quality and skill. Our image editors are well qualified and have extensive experience in the field of product photo editing and have worked with various tools, technologies and image editing softwares. Our portfolios include engagements with automotive companies, clothing brands, e-commerce sellers and even medical equipment manufacturers. We have dedicated project managers, fast and reliable delivery, streamlined work process, highest quality at the best possible price, attention to detail, flexible and custom solutions, free revisions and extraordinary customer service. We can take your photo samples either in person or you can simply upload your image online. It is as simple as that.

Send us your inquiry to get a free quotation and consultation. Our team of image consultants will reach out to you with a tailor made plan to suit all your needs.We will make sure, you won’t be disappointed!

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